Highpointe Rewards Program

The Highpointe Rewards Program allows you to earn Highpointes via online purchases and sharing your travel photos on social media. The Highpointes you earn can then be redeemed for discounts on apparel, travel perks or a gift card to use anywhere you'd like!

Here's how it works

First you'll need to create an account, then you can begin earning Highpointes in two different ways!

Create An Account to get started

Earn Highpointes via Social Sharing

Easily the best way to earn Highpointes. Simply share photos of you, your family or friends wearing Highpointe Travelwear gear during your travels with #HighpointeTravelwear on Instagram and we'll repost our favorites! If your photo is selected to be reposted on our official Highpointe Travelwear Instagram account, we'll contact you and reward you with Highpointes! (Don't worry, we'll give you public credit for taking the photo, too!) The amount of Highpointes you earn for being reposted will vary between 500-2,500 Highpoints based upon the quality of the photo.

We're constantly on the lookout for great content—so start sharing! If you do not already have your own Highpointe Travelwear account created, please do so in order to receive your Highpointes.

Earn Highpointes via Purchases

It's pretty simple: While you're logged in to your account, every item you purchase from the online store will earn you a set amount of Highpointes. Optionally, you can join our VIP program and earn Highpointes faster and receive 20% off the entire store! Click here to learn more about the VIP program.

Already Purchased Gear without an account?

No worries! As long as you create an account using the same email address used during your checkout(s), the Highpointes you would have earned will automatically be applied to your account!

So what can I get?

Highpointes can be redeemed for almost anything, seriously! The Highpointes you earn can be used to purchase Highpointe Travelwear gear from our online store. Alternatively, Highpointes can be used to help you travel more by redeeming them for gift cards from your preferred airline, lodging accommodations or even just a Visa gift card that you can use on anything you'd like for your trip! Click here to view a collection of everything that can be redeemed for Highpointes.

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