Brand Ambassador Guide

After you have been approved as a Highpointe Travelwear Brand Ambassador, you'll have access to a Dashboard that contains a lot of important information. Let's take a brief tour of the Ambassador Dashboard...

The Dashboard

The Dashboard shows you a brief overview of your Brand Ambassador account including your unique link to share, your conversions (sales for which you'll receive commission) and your upcoming payouts. Your Link is the most important part of your Brand Ambassador experience. Click the copy button to copy your code to the clipboard and then share this code with friends via all your social media channels. Please remember that in order to earn credit for your sales, customers must click on your link!

Visitors who click your link will automatically be taken the Highpointe Travelwear homepage. If you'd like to link your followers to a specific collection or product, read those instructions below. 

Creating Product or Collection Specific Links

If you'd like to send your followers to a specific product or collection, it's as simple as generating a link directly to that area of the website. Simply click the "Create a link to a specific page" item under the Link Options on the Dashboard, then paste in the destination URL of where you'd like to send your followers. Click the Create Link button, then copy your newly generated link to share.

Your Personal Details

One of the first things you should do after being approved is update your personal information and add your PayPal email address so you can get paid! Navigate to the Settings section and update these items from the menu on the left.

Utilize Approved Brand Assets

We'll occasionally create high-quality, approved graphics for you to share on social media. These are called Creatives. You can see all the available Creatives within the Creatives section of the Dashboard. 

The Categories on the left will help you narrow down the types of Creatives that are available—and this list will continue to grow. To download a Creative to share on your own social media accounts, simply click on it, then click the download button in the bottom right corner.

How To Receive Free Shipping On Your Personal Orders

All Brand Ambassadors will receive free shipping on their own personal orders. In order to get your free shipping discount, you must be logged into your Highpointe Travelwear account during your purchase and use coupon code AMBASSADOR at checkout. This code will only work for approved Brand Ambassadors.

If you didn't have an account at the time you applied to become a Brand Ambassador, one will be created for you upon approval. You'll receive an email with instructions on how to complete your account setup, including creating your password.