About Highpointe Travelwear

Our Story

It’s a well known concept that today’s society has trouble putting down the smartphone and stepping away from the computer screen. We all need to get out a little more and explore what our beautiful Earth has to offer.

Realizing this, I made a promise to myself that I was going to travel as often as I possibly could by going on some type of adventure at least once per month. Each adventure doesn’t have to be expensive, extravagant or far away, but it needs to be something new. Because of this commitment, I’ve been to some of the most wonderful places both close to home and abroad. Beyond the amazing geography there is to experience once you get outside of Big City, USA, I’ve met some of the most fascinating people, eaten the best local cuisine and had an up-close view of wildlife in it’s natural habitat.

Not enough people have the opportunity to travel and there’s no guarantee that the lush greenery and blue bodies of water that I see today will be around for the next generation of world travelers to experience. I wanted to change this. I wanted to create something that incentivizes people to travel more and helps preserve the environment we share. A business model devoted to giving back to wildlife preservations, parks services and environmental groups, coupled with a system that encourages and rewards people to travel more seems like a win-win.

Clothing is a tool of self-expression and often tells a story of where we’ve been, or where we’re headed. I wanted to create a brand that offers high-quality, comfortable apparel that’s fit for the trail and is as unique as the person wearing it—and pair it with the core values of empowerment and charity.

And Highpointe Travelwear was born.

Blake Norman,


Our Name


Our brand has strong ties to exploring the great outdoors—and hiking is a big part of exploration. Every hiking trail has a highpointe. The highpointe is the specific location on the trail with the highest elevation. Some explorers set out on a mission to visit each trail’s highpointe, and are affectionately called “Highpointers.”


Though not traditionally recognized as a word by linguists, Travelwear best describes the “what” that powers our mission to preserve the environment and empower people to travel more. Our brand focuses on offering stylish, durable, comfortable apparel and outerwear that’s fit for the trek to your destination and the adventure while you’re there.